Hakikazi Catalyst is legally registered under the Companies Ordinance of Tanzania as a company limited by guarantee not having share capital (No.39812). It is governed by a Board of Directors, of whom there are five. We also work with the Friends of Hakikazi, which is a large body consisting of those who seek our services, are our beneficiaries or those who support our work in any way. Both the Board and the Friends help to guide our work. We work in a non-hierarchical way and are committed to democratic governance. Staff have worked collaboratively to develop core values to do with behaviour, internal policies and capacity development. Manuals and procedures have been developed to cover the areas of finance and human resources in order that we carry out our work consistently and efficiently and report it accurately to stakeholders.



  • We promote the rights of people to fully participate in the social technical, environmental and economic decisions that affect their lives.
  • We work on the basis that being able to understand issues of policy and engage with them is a strategic need for the poor and marginalised.
  • We directly address perceptions of powerlessness by enabling people to understand the forces acting on their lives and livelihoods and by empowering them to develop appropriate reactions.
  • Through our work vulnerable people are empowered to enforce their right to a say